Grief is a normal reaction to losing someone you love. Each person grieves differently and there is no timeline for how long it takes before the hurt of loss lessens. Hospice understands this; we know that grieving can begin before the actual death and last longer than a few weeks or months.
What is Grief?
  • Grief is a reaction to loss.
  • The way we experience grief is very individual; we each grieve in our own way.
  • There are no universal “stages” to grief—grief is as individual as a fingerprint or a snowflake.
  • People may have different “styles” of grieving. Some people may express their grief verbally, or cry easily; other people may channel their grief into activity. All of these responses are normal; how we grieve is not a measure of how we love.
  • There is no timetable to grief. Over time the pain lessens, and we return to similar—sometimes better–levels of functioning.
What we offer

Bereavement services are provided for the individual and the family from admission to at least 13 months following the individual’s death. We support them as much as they need – cards, journeys newsletter mailing, phone calls, visits, grief counseling and support.

PCHH grief and bereavement services include:

  • Home visits from bereavement specialists, chaplains and volunteers
  • Bereavement telephone support
  • Bereavement support groups led by Putnam County HomeCare & Hospice Staff
  • Annual Memorial services
  • Bereavement letters and cards of support, a newsletter and educational materials
  • Community resource referrals to grief therapists, community support groups, etc.
  • Journeys Grief Support Meeting
  • Good Grief Fun Camp
  • Grief Support Team – Social Workers and Volunteers
Additional Information
Links to Grief Support Websites
Bereavement Events

Journeys Grief Support – Putnam County

Memorial Service – Putnam County – Held in November.  More Details to come.

Memorial Service – Allen County – Held in November.  More Details to come.

Good Grief Fun Camp

We Honor Veterans

Putnam County HomeCare & Hospice is a We Honor Veterans “Partner”.  We recognize the unique needs of America’s Veterans and their families and guide Veterans through their life stories toward a more peaceful ending.  Veterans on Putnam County Hospice are presented a patriotic hand-made quilt and a framed certificate of appreciation for their service to our country.  Members of the local Veterans Service Commission assist with the presentation.

Connect to your local Veterans Office.

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